Surviving Private Practice in Malaysia – Clinic systems in Private Hospitals

Private Hospitals in Malaysia Since the 1990’s private hospitals have mushroomed in Malaysia. In 2018 the total number of private hospitals in Malaysia was reported as 240 as opposed to 144 government hospitals. The biggest groups of hospital are KPJ (27), Pantai /Gleneagles (15) and Columbia Asia (13).  How we started in Mahkota Medical Centre In 1994 I joined a brand new hospital called Mahkota Medical Center, Melaka. It was originally built and owned by the Lion’s Group. Dr. Jack Chiang a Taiwanese hospital builder was employed by the Lion’s Group to build this hospital. It was build based on the Taiwanese concept whereby everything was owned by the hospital. The doctors just walk in and work for a percentage of the procedure fees. This was a new concept in Malaysia All other private hospitals had a system where the doctor’s charge is separate from the hospital charges.  In this new system the doctor gets 1/3 of all procedures charged