Poor assistants, poor equipment and no Mentor when performing surgery by laparoscopy.

In one of my earlier blogs entitled “12 reasons why laparoscopic surgery is not popular in Malaysia”, the 9th reason I stated was “You don’t get good assistants when performing surgery by laparoscopy”This is a common complaint by gynaecologist keen to perform laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is an instrument intensive procedure. You need nurses who can prepare all the necessary equipments to perform the surgery. Even if one item is missing, it will be difficult to perform the surgery. For example, recently I performed 2 total laparoscopic surgeries on very large uteruses measuring more than 1 kg. The suction irrigation system was not working properly and it took a longer time for me to complete the surgery.The importance of nurses It is difficult for a gynaecologist to be present in the operating room to make sure that all the equipments are there before starting the surgery. This is the job of the nurses. Once the instruments are prepared, the next step is