“Lockdown – Malaysia” what I hope to do with the extra time

Most of us are busy. We have many things that we would like to do but could not get them done. During this “lock down” or “social distancing” period, most of us will have a lot of time in our hands. Just sitting around and wasting time should be the last thing that we should do. I am a little lucky because being a doctor, I can still go to work. However work is very light. Foreigners are banned to travel to Malaysia and so most of us who see many Indonesian patients will have a drastic drop in patient load. Malaysian patients are also not encouraged to come to the hospital unless it is an emergency. I am determined to utilize this time to do some of the things that I have deferred doing for some time. This is my list and I encourage all Malaysians to make such a list. You may loose a golden opportunity to get